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Kreves Development (KD) was formed in 2007 in order to engage in real-estate development. In 2017 the KD pursued the development of HEAR Rapeseed and transforms into crops investment & trading activities and establishes its overseas subsidiary K-Crops in Kiev Ukraine in January of 2019.

K-Crops started HEAR business in order to secure stable supply of Fatty Acid (Erucic Acid) which is a base material in producing “AMIDE”, a main product of K-Crops’s affiliated company, Pathwel Co. Ltd. in Korea.

With a strategically integrated value chain from rapeseed development, farming, crushing, trading and finish product processing, K-Crops and its affiliated companies and partners have secured a vital strategic positioning in short time period. An integrated supply chain, allows K-Crops  optimize its processes which results in competitive rates for our customers.

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