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About Kcrops

Kreves Crops LLC is a leading agricultural supplier & trader of special HEAR and oil.

We started HEAR project with a view to achieving a stable supply of raw materials of amide and price competitiveness in the world.

Our business includes activities ranging from the seed development to the sale of rapeseed oil in Ukraine.

These partnerships allow us to deliver the highest quality products and guarantee availability.

Our Strength

- We development HEAR seed in Ukraine and  and produce HEAR seeds     in  cooperation with local farmers.

- We retains all rights of seeds


- We strictly control all products for good quality


- Pathwel Co. Ltd is an End-user of HEAR related product – AMIDE.

- Deeper understanding of fatty acid and Amide market

- Competitive prices with low overhead expenses.

- In addition we   produce HEAR oil at local crushing plants and export to the world.

- In the growing HEAR market, we are marketing so that Ukraine can   become a major producer of HEAR.

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